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Hello my name is Rick Maki…

I’m a life long awakened and awakening individual, who is seeking and sharing truth as much as possible to be of service to the disclosure community. My slant thus far has been more focused on the spiritual battle most of us have had to face. I’m also privy to experiences that’s force people to have to become truth seekers just to be able to thrive in a world that seems to have a lot of hidden and nafarious activities going on. With learning to connect with source… spiritually through meditation and mindfulness, we can keep bringing it back to bigger picture. The bigger picture being why we came here in the first place, to help us all evolve collectively.

Excerpt about my site below. My facebook group is more active thus far than the site, but I’m set to have the tools to begin doing interviews and discussions as well remotely like with what SBA is doing.

Sat Nam! – For truth seeking, and all the things you never knew, including the Interpersonal, life Coaching, Spiritual, Philosophical, Esoteric and Paranormal subjects!


Learn, Share and Grow Together!


Have you ever wanted to share your thoughts on spirituality, self help, and motivation… but never felt there was a good place to do that with like-minded individuals?


Do you have a story to tell about your Esoteric experiences (UFOs, Aliens, Ghosts, Bigfoot, Mysterious Creatures, Angels, Channeling), but never found the right place to share those stories?


If so this group is for you, as well as our amazing website, where we post articles and videos on all these subjects!


Learn, Share and Grow!



All things Esoteric and truth seeking.

Rick Maki

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